Whidbey Island

July 6, 2015

THIS IS ME SAYING HELLO FROM THE LOVELY WHIDBEY ISLAND. No I am not on vacation but I am serving the Lord on the best Island in the beautiful North West. This week has been great and I am loving every second of it. It is beautiful out here. Just imagine the most beautiful forest full of deer, bunnies, flowers and berries. Then imagine the ocean. Private beaches, sun, sanddollars and shells everywhere. Yep, that's the island.  The best of both worlds.  Heavenly Father is way too good to me. So here is the worldly aspect of the island:

Deer: The deer are everywhere. They are so used to humans and cars that they just walk everywhere like they are people too. You can literally get 2 feet from them and they don't run away.

Bunnies: So we live in a town called Langley and I guess a long time ago there was some fair grounds and a whole bunch of bunnies got loose. They replenish quite quickly so Langley is COVERED in bunnies. Every shape, color, and size. It is really cool but they are way too fast to catch. Sister Perkinson (my companion-I will get to her in a second) said she counted 64 on a 1-2 minute drive the day before I got to the Island. You might wonder how I get to the island. That's the next topic.

Ferry: We get to ride the ferry whenever we want to get to the mainland. It is so cool. We wait in like a 3-hour line and then we drive onto the ferry and go for a 15 minute ride across the ocean and we are on the other side. It is pretty fun. And whenever we go over to the other side it takes up our whole day. So you might wonder what we drive...

Car: Our car is a 2015 Subaru. It is really nice looking and yeah I am spoiled out here.

Apartment: Our apartment is rented out by a 94 year old man and he is so cute! haha. It is like the basement. It is the perfect size and the only complaint I have are the spiders. Okay they are HUGE. Like really big. The size of my fist. They say you need one pet spider in every room to keep the rest of the bugs out. I couldn't handle it though. I had to vacuum most of them up and put them outside. I will take the spiders though. It could be worse.

PEOPLE: THE BEST PART!!! The people here are amazing. I love them. I love the ward. They are like grandparents and since they loved Sister Wawro all I have to say is, "Hi, I am Sister Rodda. Sister Wawro trained me." And then from there it is automatic love. INSTANT LOVE.  And that's why I am grateful for a wonderful trainer- who is almost engaged- and who promised me a year and half until she got married...-

COMPANION: This is the other best part! My companion's name is Sister Perkinson. She is from Mesa Arizona. Yes mom. she is.  She is awesome. I love her.  A little sad that she goes home after this transfer but it will be okay. We get along great!

So now that my email was a billion years long. I just want to tell a little about my week. The Island celebrates the 4th on the 3rd. idk, don't ask.  But we had to go in early on the 4th so Sister Perkinson and I had GNO(inside). We also had a baptism yesterday and that was AMAZING. I was only able to teach him twice but I will be able to teach him all the new member lessons.  We currently don't have any investigators but we are going to find, find, find this week!  We do a lot of tracting out here. I am a little burnt but luckily it will go away. We had a busy week last week so this upcoming week we will be able to work!!!!!! Thanks for all the love and support. I hope you are all doing well! xoxo


sister rodda.

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