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December 14, 2015

December is definitely a special time of year. It goes by really, really fast with all the activities and celebrations but I love how it all revolves around Christ. Without the Savior there would be no Christmas. This week I had the opportunity to give instruction by myself (couldn't rely on my companion when I got stuck, lol) at Zone Meeting.  It was on the Atonement. I was instructed to study it as though I was teaching to someone who had never heard of or doesn't understand the Atonement. I loved this because the majority of the world has never heard of the Atonement.  That word is used like once, twice, three times tops in the bible? That was a great study to really focus on the basics and how we can apply it more fully in our lives. We also had the Ward Christmas Party and it was wonderful to mingle with members, lots of nonmembers, and less actives! We also had a stake sing-along Sunday night and it was great to feel the spirit through music. It is amazing to me how quickly and powerfully music fills our soul and controls our mood/attitude. It can be so uplifting and encouraging or it can make you feel miserable and angry. 

Before coming out on a mission it was really hard for me to read missionary emails because they were so "preachy" or just straight testimonies and that just didn't interest me. But beware, that is what I do nowadays. Anyway, I have been studying a lot about Howard W Hunter because that is the relief society/priesthood thing for next year. It has been so cool to just connect with the family. It's like I have known him my whole life. It was also really cool to see a picture of my great - great grandparents in the booklet and read about my great-Grandma Dorothy. Funny to see how all the family connects.  Did you know that he sold shoes for a while as a job? That's my kinda man! :) And he was a prophet - so that is even cooler. Haha.

I hope you all have a great week! :) xoxo

Sister Rodda

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