April 18, 2016

April 11th, 2016- April 17, 2016
Monday: After emailing last Monday we went to the park to play soccer with a few families in the ward- both active and less active. It was really fun! I really miss soccer and it is always fun to kick a ball around with some good people. We also had lessons that night.

Tuesday: We finally found some good service projects in our area and one of them is serving at a Community Garden. We go there every Tuesday and Thursday. We plant, weed, water, dig, do random stuff, and yeah! It is a lot of fun. The weather has been nice and it is a good stress relief WHILE still working. We went with the elders to meet Tina and have a pass off lesson. She is the one who slammed the door in our face in front of the workers. We think she just likes the elders and thinks they're cute. We got to meet her this time! But... she didn't let us in.

Wednesday: We had Zone Meeting. Sister Washburn and I were asked to give instruction and it went really really well. I'm definitely a lucky companion. I am sad transfers are coming up. We don't know what will happen but I really want to stay in Mukilteo with Sis. W!

Thursday: Had a lesson with Victor and Jessica and their kids. They are doing so well. They keep their commitments and come with questions. Maria (Reymundo and Adolfo's mom) has bailed on all of our appointments lately... we aren't sure what is going on. So that's a bummer.

Friday: WEEKLY PLANNING. I think this is one of my favorite things to do. Missionaries probably think I am crazy for saying that... BUT Sister Washburn and I make it fun. We either go down to the beach or go to a park to do our 5 hours of planning. AND we always go to lunch. :) It's a great day. When we have an effective weekly planning session we have an effective week.

 Saturday: BAPTISMS! Delores (a girl I started teaching) was baptized at 12 on Saturday. All of her nonmember family came. Kaitlynn was baptized at 1! Her mom is a convert of about a year and a half. She fell away for awhile. We were able to help her get back to church and help her daughter choose to be baptized. We love their family and it was a great day! That night was Stake Conference and Sister Washburn sang "I Know That My Redeemer Lives." It was beautiful as always.

Sunday: WHAT AN AMAZING DAY! There were two men who received the Melchizedek Priesthood that day. AND GUESS WHAT?! One of them was a man baptized while I was on the Island, and the other was a man I helped reactivate on the Island! I am so proud of John Clark and Zaven! Both great men full of faith. The Sunday Session of Stake Conference was... difficult to pay attention to. They had so many technical difficulties (it was being broadcasted to our building) that is was distracting and everyone just talked the whole time.

My testimony is centered on our unique message to the world. God is our loving Heavenly Father. The Gospel of Jesus Christ blesses families. The Lord calls Prophets so we can learn of his plan whether through scriptures of old or from modern day revelation. We can be forgiven through the Atonement of Christ and that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has been restored to the Earth today. 

I love you all. Sister Rodda

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