First Area in Washington

Sister Rodda is in Washington now!  Here is her letter from the first week (I underlined my favorite parts):

This week has been AMAZING! 
So last Tuesday I woke up at 2 AM and left the MTC. We flew to Washington where President and Sister Bonham picked us up. We went to the mission office and did some orientation stuff, took a nap, had interviews, dinner, testimony meeting, and then got our companions.  My trainer is Sister Wawro and she is awesome.  We laugh and laugh and laugh like crazy and we get along super well. I have learned so much and she is just super nice and helpful. She is from Texas.  I actually haven't had to purchase a bike. Well at least not in this area because they already have bikes for us here, along with helmets and gear. But we have a car. It’s a 2011 ford fusion silver edition and it rocks. It reminds me of dad every time I get in it. Oh and by the way I am serving in the Skagit River 2nd Ward - so the Burlington, Sedro Woolley area. I love it here. It is small but has everything you need! 
Wednesday: we did service for a lady. We put up like 1/7 of her Christmas stuff. By the time we were done with 1/7 there was no place to walk but she still had trucks loads coming. She has a storage unit that she pays for year round just for her Christmas stuff. We also had a district meeting which was pretty cool. I had to bare my testimony which is surprisingly easy. Then we get 2 days each month to get on or other church websites and just listen to talks and Mormon Messages so we did that as well. I also got to meet some of our investigators. I have my first baptism on Saturday for a boy named D. His mom and dad just got baptized last month and his dad just got out of jail after 25 years in September. We also got to meet my favorite family so far -the Prices. They are crazy like our family but they are just awesome. I think we have been there every day so far. She works for a clothing company and gave me so many new clothes.
Thursday: we did service at the Price’s home. They are moving up the street so we just helped pack and move stuff. Then we did a lot of lessons with investigators and less actives. I also got my first door slam AND IT WAS AWESOME! I laughed the whole time. hahahahah it was the best experience I have had so far. I have told everyone about it.
Friday: we did service at the Prices house again, had some lessons with D and some others. I helped teach all the lessons and they all went surprisingly well. I haven't said anything too stupid yet!
Saturday: We had a lesson with recent convert in the morning and then we met a less active (who hasn't been to church since she was 8) named H. She is coming to church this next week supposedly. She started crying when we were telling her our testimonies so it was super spiritual. Sister Wawro is amazing. Then we did some other lessons with part member families/ recent converts/ and less actives. Nothing too extreme. After we went to a tree lighting a parade. We had to pass out these cards and I hated it. It was awkward. But we had a lady tell us that we were some hot Mormons so that was quite the compliment. We had the ward Christmas party where I got to meet everyone in the ward and it was just a great experience. Everyone in the ward is so nice and friendly. I felt like I was at home and I already have my small adoptive families here.
Sunday: Sunday was my like first real and true fast Sunday. Our church isn't until one so it was a long time to fast. We didn't eat until 6:30 so I was starving. The whole day was great. I didn't bare my testimony in sacrament because I am speaking next week.

Monday is usually our P-Day but not this week because Craig A. Cardon of the 70 came and talked to us. It was a whole day conference but it was super good. After, we went to the Richeson home (ward mission leader/ adoptive family) for dinner and they are so nice. We are spending the holiday with them. They are the nicest people ever.
Tuesday: aka today! has been great. We woke up and cleaned instead of exercised. I did the kitchen. My chores have not changed. Then we did our studies. I started the book of Mormon and I love it. I'm studying the doctrine of Christ and it is so interesting.  Later we have a district volleyball tournament so good thing I practiced every day in the MTC.  Those elders are going down!!!!!!!!!
I love it here and it actually didn't rain until Thursday which was awesome.
My apartment address is 405 S Norris St. Apartment 101, Burlington 98233.
You can send letter or packages there but you can also send them to the mission home. Whatever is easiest!!

I love you all. Thanks for all the love and support.
Here is the one thing I have come to conclusions with this week: the people here are Bigfoot huntin', coffee drinkin', marijuana smokin', Washingtonians.  But I love them all! Also everyone here only drinks tap water and it grosses me out. But if that's the worst thing I have then I can deal with it.
Sister Rodda

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