Dec. 29, 2014

Happy Holidays to everyone!  I didn't realize I had skipped a couple of weeks!  Here is this week's letter:

This week has been a grrrrrrrrreeeeeeeaaaaaaatttttt one. It was Christmas Adam, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, bike day, church day, email day. It has been everything and the kitchen sink!

Monday: on Monday we had our missionary Christmas program which I think I talked about last week and I sang 10,000 songs. It was fabulous. And that was about all. Oh and we went Christmas caroling. it was fun and cold and yeah.

Tuesday: We did some family history training which was fun. I got to read all about Ida (tall and skinny) and Ada (da playaaaa). And I got to read Howard W. Hunter's biography. When I told Sister Wawro I was related to him she asked if she could hug me because I have his blood. haha. We also did a lot of tracting which I am still not the best at but I'm getting there. Then we did some service for a lady and did a family home evening lesson with her son, Hayden. It was great. We actually used those gingerbread men that you sent us for the 12 days of Christmas.

Wednesday: Christmas Eve. :) we first opened presents in the morning because we couldn't wait one more day. We also had a district meeting which was awesome! Sister Wawro and I received some INCREDIBLE revelation where we figured out we could actually get a lady on date. but after that we did some more service, had a lesson actually 2, and then we went to the Prices for Christmas Eve. We played Phase 10 and it was so fun. I took third which wasn't soo bad. Oh and we got our ONLY investigator on date for January 31st. so rock on!

Thursday: CHRISTMAS! I gotta talk to my favorite people and spend all of Christmas day with the Richeson family which was awesome.

Friday: Lots of lessons, tracting, and fun stuff like that! hahaha I don't know what else to say. and that is exactly what we did on Saturday.

Sunday: had 10 billion meetings, and church and our only investigator showed up at church which was awesome, we had some lessons and yeah... that's missionary life.

THINGS I LEARNED THIS WEEK: see people in potential form not in actuality form and faith over fear.

We are hoping to get two new investigators today when we teach a lesson so we will see how this goes. Besides that nothing too new.  We have to be in at 5 on New Years Eve so we don't die from drunk drivers. That's about all. Peace and blessings folks. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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