6 Weeks in Washington!

January 12, 2015
6 Weeks in Washington!

AH! First transfer down. I seriously can't believe it! The days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days. Guys, a transfer is 6 weeks. Can you believe it?! I can't, obviously. We haven't gotten word of who is being transferred yet but I won't be transferred and I'm 98% she won't be either. That'd be sad. I would cry. I love Sister Wawro and we are BFFs to the max. We literally burn more calories laughing everyday then I did in all my years of soccer combined. Maybe not, but it feels like it. I have learned so much in these 6 weeks. Our personal study is my favorite part of everyday. I love studying the gospel and I love learning. Sometimes there is a lot to take in and to remember and to say but you have to forget all that stuff and just rely on the spirit to tell you what to say and do. I love being a missionary. I love my mission. I love EVERYTHING. 

This week has been AMAZING! Prayers, fasting (except for fruit snacks because my blood sugar has problems sometimes when I don't have anything), scripture study, working hard, being obedient... it all pays off. It's true that the Lord is in all things and has his hand in all things. We got two new investigators this week. One is a 30 year old guy named T. He is awesome. He didn't want to say the closing prayers but we got him to! And it was awesome! He had never prayed out loud before. And the second one, her name is A.  She is a single mom of two girls. We started teaching the restoration and all we said was, "God is our loving Heavenly Father." and she started crying.  We didn't get much further in the restoration but that was exactly what she needed to hear. we just kept bearing our testimony and she is awesome! 

I don't really know what else happened this week. I feel like I always have so much to tell but then I start writing and I really have nothing to talk about. I had the most awkward contact this week. We were out riding our bikes and a lady walked by.
ME: hey, how are you?!
LADY: good
ME: GOOD! how are ya?
hahahaha like what? I started crying I was laughing so hard (this has been happening a lot lately) and it was so embarrassing.

Nothing else is really new... I just love life. I kinda wish I had a terrible companion so that way it could only go uphill but I got the bestestest companion EVERRRR. 

Welp, I hope you all have a great week. Ya'll are awesome. Go Seahawks. 
Sister Rodda

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  1. Rach and her awkward meetings....so rach;)
    But that is what is so loveable about her !!!