January 5, 2015 - A NEW YEAR

As I am reading Sister Rodda's letters each week, I am often laughing, crying, or even planning how I can best help her while she is in Washington.  Comments, explanations, questions, and possibly eye rolling are also happening.  So, please excuse me when I just can't stand it anymore and have to add my 2-cents worth.  It just may happen!

Be sure to read this week's "Lesson Learned" in the tab at the top of the page.  At the bottom of this (long) post will give the story behind the words.

Here are the happenings of the week:
Man oh man, what a week. Lots of cool things happened this week. On Monday we were supposed to go to our mission leaders house for dinner but they had to go somewhere so they just gave us cash and told us to go out. Long story short, we ended up at Olive Garden :) and a nice young couple paid for our food. You have to understand something. This is Washington, not Utah, people here aren't like that. But we talked to a whole bunch of missionaries trying to figure out who this couple was.  The guy is a recent convert and the wife isn't a member but they paid for all our food! It was awesome!

We met a cat lady. By cat lady I mean 11+ cats. There were some on the roof. We asked her if these were all her cats and she said, "well duh, cats don't leave ya like a man will!" hahahhahaha she was dead serious.

We also had exchanges this week... uh, yeah, I wasn't all that thrilled. In fact I dreaded it like a lot, but it ended up fine. I tried to make pancakes for dinner (of course the one night a member doesn't feed us is the day I am on exchanges in our house with no food and the sister training leader I was with can't cook either) It was a hot mess. But if you add extra syrup on anything it is bound to taste better. We also got a little lost and went on a 5 mile hike. This is why they shouldn't leave the new baby missionary in their area. But we got good exercise and we also talked to lots of people. I guess you can say everything happens for a reason.  (serious mom guilt!!)

Sister Wawro and I are on a no sugar (actually less sugar. We can still have dark chocolate and gummy bears) diet. It works out okay because we get fed every night. It is just routine for us. When people have the missionaries over it is a big deal to them, so we get fed 5 course meals every night. It's a good and bad thing. I don't go hungry but you have to eat a lot. We exercise everyday so that is good and we try to ride our bikes when it isn't raining... which is never. It pours. All day. Every day. I have to take vitamin D to keep us happy and not depressed. It isn't like Utah where it is sunny and rainy. It is rainy, dark, and sad. But I love it! We also had interviews this week. It went really, really well. President Bonham is definitely called of God. He is an incredible person. We ended up finding a new investigator. It was awesome!!! Now we have someone to teach.

If you send a package try to send it through the mail (USPS) not ups or FedEx.  If we aren't there when they drop by we have to get permission to go pick it up and it can be kind of a pain. But if not, we can totally work it out and it is fine!

PS: I wanted to be a rock. ;) and I had a hot pink cast during Savior of the World.  I mentioned to her in a letter that our stake was doing Savior of the World - like our old stake did several years ago.  I told her we had been laughing at her because we remembered that she had told the leaders she just wanted to be a tree.  I'm glad she clarified that we were wrong about it being a tree.  Heaven forbid she'd be a tree that at least moves/sways in the wind.  Leave it to her to offer to be the most immobile object possible.  And no, those are not really parts in the program.  Unfortunately her broken ankle gave her the perfect excuse to bow out gracefully of the performance.

In addition to the letter above, she wrote the following to me.  I couldn't resist sharing with y'all (since she has added "y'all" to her vocabulary - I figured I might as well say it too!) 

Dogs here aren't the same. I don't really like dogs other than Coco and Daisy. Here is a funny story I forgot to tell last week. So it was the day we were forced to ride bikes for the car fast. We showed up to a less active/ part member family home. They have this dog who is ferocious. It is a little bigger than Daisy but is crazy. They have a shock collar for it and it lives in their garage and their garage is always open. So never talking to them before, we pray and Sister Wawro prays that the dog won't attack us. I laughed because it is the size of Daisy. So we run to the door. The dog didn't do anything but bark. Nobody answers the door so we turn around and start walking back to our bikes. Then the dog starts chasing me and it bites my freakin calf. Lucky it didn't get my skin it just ripped a small hole in my tights. So duh - it scared me and I screamed a bit.  Then the son comes out... probably early 20s and he apologizes for his dog. He tells us his family isn't interested and blah blah blah  We say thanks anyways and said that they can call us whenever they need. Then he look at me does a gun shaped thing with his fingers and says, "RIDE SAFE!" I'm like what the heck? Then I feel my head... I still have my helmet on and my safety vest and everything. It was straight out of a movie. It is like the part when the nerdy girl finally gets the courage to talk to the hottest guy in school and then completely embarrasses herself. Yep, that was me. Thank goodness I am not on a mission to impress anyone other than God. And no, he wasn't cute.

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  1. Oh rach, I love reading all your stories. I can hear your voice telling the stories in my head. Always cracking me up.