January 26, 2015
This week has been a good one. I can't believe it is another week down. It is going way too fast. I think that is what happens when you love your mission and you love your companion and when you are obedient. I seriously have no clue what I would have done without going on a mission. I have learned more in the last few months as a missionary than I did in all of my school years. You learn so much about yourself and the world, life lessons, and you learn so much about the gospel. I don't think it can get much better than this!

This week we met a guy named E. He is a little out there. We thought he was an investigator but it turned out that he is a convert of about 10 years and has been less active for 2 years. He is crazy. He is like the Kevin (from CBC- timberrrrrrr) of Washington. He has seen God and he told us some poetry and yeah.  We are also teaching a part member family and they have great potential. I love teaching (even though I don't know everything yet). We are just teaching people all over the place but no specific progressing investigators. We do have one lady, A, who is on date for February 14th. She is doing really well and we just went over the baptismal questions with her! She answered them really well. When we came to her home her dad was there. They haven't had a relationship in years. When we showed up he asked if we were Mormons and said "Oh, you believe in Joseph Smith."  We were like yeah... and he said, "Oh good me too!"  Neither of them had any clue that they were both investigating the church. We asked if he was a member and he said no but that he was going to be! It was awesome. Hahaha - they had no clue that they were both talking to missionaries.

This week we got to do some service. We worked at the Bishop Storehouse which is always fun with our whole district. Then on Saturday we went up into a forest and made a trail. It was hard, hard work but it was so much fun. I told everyone that if I starting rolling down the hill just yell, “timber!” and warn everyone at the bottom. I'll be okay. I didn't die or anything so that's good but I destroyed my Davis High running shoes (that's pretty close to dying). They aren't perfect but they work now that I washed them. I was a little bitter at first when they were covered in mud but then I realized who cares? Shoes are meant to be dirty. Well, some shoes. haha

Yesterday we had a missionary fireside where we met with all the ward missionaries, a family, and some bishopric members and we taught a lesson to them and we just got them more excited about missionary work. 

We had ward conference last week and it was really spiritually uplifting. They talked a lot about how life isn't a giant checklist. Missionary work isn't a giant check list. But it is all about where you are headed and who you become. God gave us agency and expects us to use it. Everyone has a different pathway but we can all make it back to Heavenly Father and live with Him again. It's okay to make mistakes. Use the atonement, make things right, change, and move on.  I used to think that repenting was only for these huge sins. But really it isn't about that at all. The atonement is there so we can become better. Every night I account with the Lord and I say the things that I could have done better and then the next day I work hard to do those things just a little bit better (not perfect). And then slowly you progress and progress and you become who you are supposed to be. Life isn't about doing this, doing that, but doing those things to become who you are. I know that the atonement is real and it is available for us to use and to better ourselves. Christ suffered for me.  For us. It is there for our advantage. I love being a missionary. I love sharing my testimony. And I just love loving people. I love you all. 

Have a great week!


Love, Sister Rodda

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