It's Raining Cats and Dogs...but mostly cats

Feb. 17, 2015
This week has been crazy. How is already Tuesday? I don't know. Life is weird. So this week was cat crazy... here is the list.
1.         One morning we went for a chilled run. On the way back a cat followed us home. It was a homeless kitty and it was so cute (I still don't like cats). It followed us everywhere. Then we went inside to shower and get ready and the cat is outside our door scratching and crying. So then we got it a box, a blanket, and tuna. It loved us. We didn't name it or let it in because then it would be a pet and that is against missionary handbook. So no, it wasn't a pet. Just a nice fellowshipper. Then that night we get home and the cat is still there. I'm taking pictures of it and this car is just staring at me. Well not the car but the lady in the car. Anyways, she gets out and is still staring at me. So I'm like, "Hi, uh, is this your cat?" She said no, so I asked her if she wanted a cat. Then we start begging her to take the cat. Long story short, she took it and we found out she is less active. YAYYYY!
2.         Cats like have a thing for me. They follow me everywhere. I think it is the spirit of Calli that makes them all draw nearer to me. (draw nearer to me? this mission thing is changing my vocabulary. ew) but anyways, they love me. It’s like mom and mosquitoes. 
3.         Friday the 13th and black cats need I say more.
4.         Cat crossing. Cars literally stop for a cat crossing 5 lanes of traffic. It's like It’s an old woman crossing the street or something. But no, it’s a lame cat!
5.         Last but not least I got a letter this week from grandpa saying he is looking for a cat to get for grandma. I don't know what it is with cats. But... geez.

I got a new companion and transfers are next week. We got a call from President yesterday morning and he was asking us all these weird questions about our apartment. Then he said a sister was coming to live with us and she will end up being my companion. She is from Kansas City, MISSOURI. She is 21. Graduated from Utah State. She served in Everett for 6 months then went home because she was sick or something. And now she is back. Sister Wawro is here which is totally awesome. I didn't just have to get to know someone and take over the area all by myself. It is a smooth transition. I don't want Sister Wawro to go. But Sister Covington is cool too!

We went to “Come See For Yourself” - a stake/mission fireside.  It went really well. Sister Wawro sang. I was just a spectator. Her number one fan of course. But it was really spiritual and swell.

We did the trail service again where we go up in the beautiful forest and make trails. Just fyi:  I made it on the flyer. I will send one home. It is quite awesome. I might even sign it if you’re lucky. lol.

Besides all that nothing else is really new. Still trying to find people to teach. I love it out here and I love being a missionary!

Love you all. xoxoxoxoxoxo

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