May 11, 2015
HI. This week was... good. I say it like that because I cannot even remember anything I did this week. Time is so weird as a missionary.  I feel like I am not only on a different planet but that time is like nonexistent. I can't describe it. That is the only way I can. Maybe I will just go day by day and maybe something will be semi-meaningful and not totally and completely boring. Well let's be real, I am not boring. Although, I am not good at remembering things. I think I suffer from short term memory loss. It's true.

MONDAY: Uh, I played volleyball with our zone while Sister De Arman wrote letters on the stage. This is the best part of our companionship, we compromise. So that was really fun. I suck at volleyball though. The whole hand-eye coordination thing is... dysfunctional in my brain. But through Christ we can make our weak things become strong, right?  Wrong.  There is no hope for me in this.  But the rest of the day was great! We had dinner at the Richeson's (LOVE THEM) and we had Family Home Evening with the Hoveden family. It is a single mom and two boys. They are so funny. I am always laughing over there (except for in the actual lesson of course because that would just be rude). NEXT..
TUESDAY: We had an investigator drop us minutes before a lesson. That's never fun. We had a member coming to the lesson and all. She had referred herself online and then told us she was uninterested. Then she called the referral headquarters and saved she wanted us to come back, so we did, had an awesome lesson, then she said she didn't want to meet anymore. The whole situation was weird to begin with. People now-a-days... ;( Then Sister De Arman and I went to La Conner all day with another sister to help her in her area. Her companion got her visa and went home so we got to spend time with the Natives on the Reservation. IT ROCKED MY SOCKS OFF. LITERALLY. I DIDN'T HAVE SOCKS.
WEDNESDAY: okay I am done with this day by day thing. I am bored as it is.  Bless the hearts of all those who are still reading...

LONG STORY SHORT. We did a lot of service this week which was awesome. I love serving. I think my arms are stronger than my legs now. Actually not really. So yes, this week was great. AND I GOT TO TALK TO THE BESTEST FAMILY IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD. I AM SO BLESSED TO BE BEST FRIENDS WITH MY DAD, MY MOM, AND MY BROTHER. THAT IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT.  I love you all. I hope you all have a great week. I suggest you keep a journal so you can remember things throughout the week. XOXO


Sister Rodda.

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