Service and Caterpillars

May 18, 2015

this week was great.


The above was what I wanted to send because for some odd reason I currently have 0 motivation to type. Lots of things to say but not a lot of motivation. I think it is because... well I don't really know why. So let me tell you about my most fantastical week!

SERVICE: we did tons of service this week! Helped move some nonmembers.  It was a 60 year old, a 40 year old, a 12 year old, Sister De Arman and 2 elders. We moved a mansion into a 26 foot trailer. It was INSANE. We should have won an award for this. I just can't even describe how crazy it really was. I need to be a professional mover. Do they pay well?

INVESTIGATOR: WE GOT A NEW INVESTIGATOR THIS WEEK. Baptism June 27th. Her name is Isabella and she is 9 years old. Her mom is a less active member. So heck yeah! That is really exciting.  We are still teaching M, A, and My, and we have been getting TONS of referrals. Lots of blessings this week!

CATERPILLARS (is that really how you spell caterpillar? that is what autocorrect says- I think it’s wrong): THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. so cool though. Sister Wawro and I used to go on slug hunts and take them with us tracting. But now we have these critters. They move too fast though. When we used to go slug hunting I would be wearing gloves because it was cold outside so it made it easy to pick up the slugs but now I don't have gloves.... I use sticks.

I hope you all have a great week. I love you all so so so so much. Thanks for everything!


sis. rodda

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