Lemon"AID" part 2

June 25, 2015

I am so grateful that I have been able to work with Sister Westover for the last few weeks. We have been able to try a lot of different finding ideas, as well as service projects, new tracting approaches, Book of Mormon contacting, and bettering our Area Book. Two weeks ago the Assistants gave us a box of Book of Mormons. 40 that is! And our goal was to give them all out by the time Sister Westover left. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to give them all out but we have given out 30. The Lemon"AID" stand helped with that, as well as using the Book of Mormon in most contacts. Something else we have found successful is giving copies of the Book of Mormon to every family member to give away by the end of the summer. We talk about the Power of Everyday Missionaries and 4 steps that can help them do this. Then we do role plays with the members. After that, we hand each of them a Book of Mormon and invite them to pray for opportunities to give it away to someone. We are waiting to hear back results and hear their experiences but it is going to be great!

We also did the Lemon"AID" stand again. It was really successful. We gave out some Proclamation to the World's, copies of the Book of Mormon, and free lemonade! It is a really good ice breaker because most of the time they ask YOU what we are doing or what church we attend. It's really amazing to hear how many people KNOW other members of the church. 

I also think one of the biggest tools that we have been able to use is object lessons and analogies. When people are taught in that way, it just clicks! 

Oh and Sister Westover and I have this obsession with popsicles. It is just so hot here in WA. People don't have air conditioning. So we eat popsicles and we sleep with ice packs and we put our beds together and have fans run all day and all night. It is quite the treat. We have tons of fun together but more importantly we work so hard. I love being a missionary.

This was my plead to president, "PS: CAN I PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE STAY IN BURLINGTON- Skagit River 2nd. Okay, I know that it is Heavenly Father's decision but if you need any input... there ya go!"


sister rodda.

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  1. She is so great. Her letters make me smile.