Lemon"AID" part 1

June 15, 2015
SO talk about AWESOMEEEE. This week was great! Sister Westover and I are working so hard. It's funny how when you are dedicated to the work not just physically and mentally but with your whole heart, how happy you become. I haven't been this happy in a long time (not that I was ever unhappy). We have a mission goal of getting 16 contacts everyday. These don't include "hi" "bye" conversations but really working hard and discerning their needs so you can give them the greatest opportunity of learning more. Needless to say, and not bragging in case, we have exceeded multiple times this week. This is showing that when you are focused on the work and you do your very best, Heavenly Father GIVES you opportunities and blesses you with so many experiences. I have always said that I love being a missionary. I think I mean it now more than ever. FAMILY, I LOVE YOU AND ALL BUT I AM NEVER COMING HOME. #BurlingtonMissionaryForever

So let's talk about highlights of the week. Last Monday right after I emailed my most beloved peeps I saw a lady staring at all the missionaries. Welp, all the missionaries were talking and I kept getting this impression to talk to her. So I left the group and went to this lady. Sister Westover followed shortly behind. Well long story short this lady was actually very quite upset because the missionaries were giggling during our email time. She also was not all that happy to receive a genuine compliment from me. She thought I told her she looked beautiful so that she would have to tell us that we looked pretty and she didn't want to. She was actually interested in the church at one point and had listened to MoTab and all these different things. When she was younger she traveled all the way to Utah to attend "a Sunday service in the temple". She was offended because they told her only members were allowed to go. We weren't able to get in a word to explain that she CAN come to church though. She liked some swear words and liked to raise her voice. People are great and right now I am wondering why I just shared that story but I wrote a lot and I don't want to delete my hard work so there ya go.

We also taught M and A this week. A's oldest daughter became a new investigator this week and she has some awesome questions. We cleared up her concerns on bulletproof underwear. They are doing awesome. M is still a stubborn 14 year old but we love her and she will be baptized one day. We just have to start at the basics. A was going to come to church yesterday... but... something came up I am assuming because she didn't come.

The Mount Vernon sisters (including sister westover- that's where she was just serving) had a baptism this week. Ironically this was actually someone we had been teaching in our area then she moved. We referred her to them. So that was an awesome baptism to attend. Her name is D.A. and it is so exciting to see someone exercise their faith.

We went back to the mall this week for some more creative finding. I am not sure why i keep doing that to myself... it is quite the distraction. But it is successful so I guess I will continue to suffer and refrain from the shoes. NO PAIN NO GAIN.

We also had trail builders this week. I think I have talked about that. We basically go up the side of the mountain and make trails. It is actually quite enjoyable to be in nature. Plus it is free donuts. If only they had s'mores donuts... :(

NOW HERE IS THE BEST PART OF THE WHOLE EMAIL. Sister Westover held our own, our spectacular, our indescribable, LEMON"AID" STAND. It was awesome. We gave out free lemonade with a mormon.org card that had our number on it. We also gave away free Book of Mormons and pamphlets. We got 14 contacts and we are doing it again this week. It was so much fun. It was a great way to serve and to talk to tons of people. I put most of the decorations together while Sister Westover would do her language study. She called me the future relief society president. I cried. We also went to a park where there was a recent shooting to bring some happiness to the park and it totally worked!!! This week we are going to Sedro Woolley so we can go to the other part of our area and so we can go to a bigger park. It is going to BE AWESOME.

Thanks for all your love and support back home. It means so much to me. I LOVE YOU ALL. I hope you have a great week!


Sister Rodda

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