Cat Quilt

July 20, 2015

This is Sister Rodda reporting for my weekly report.

THIS WEEK WAS AAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMAZZZZZZZZZINGGGGGGGG. (every week is amazing and I really need new ideas for how to start off my emails)

First of all, I am just too happy to wait to tell everyone so I feel the need to start with it. There is a lady in our ward who LOVES to sew, so she makes a quilt for all the missionaries that serve in the South Whidbey Ward.  Welp, it was my turn to get one.  I sent pictures and no description can describe what I got. It is a lovely quilt. It has cats on it.

This week did lots and lots and lots of tracting, but we got 3 new investigators out of it! They are so nice and so sincere!  One of them is in her 60's and she says "I am never going to convert. I just want to learn more..."  WE ALL KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS... just wait until the spirit testifies to her and she recognizes it.  The other 2 are a couple.  His dad is a preacher so he had some really good questions.  She just kinda goes with whatever her husband says.  They just got married a month or two ago.  We have lessons planned with them this week!

That's about all I have to say... I am getting lame at this emailing thing.  But here is something I can tell you... I have this new thing going where I can literally fall asleep in 1 minute. Sister Perkinson can testify.  She says, "sometimes I think you are joking until I start hearing the deep breaths that turn into tiny snores."  Hahaha!  I guess that is a sign that you are working hard or something.  It is crazy.  You go to bed and all the sudden it's morning again.  It's weird.

I hope you all have a super duper week! xoxoxoxoxoxo

Love, sister rodda

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