November 23, 2015
November 16- November 22
Monday: Monday was the best day ever. Actually I don't know about the best day ever but it was great because I got to play sports for the first time in 4+ months. Took second place in a game of lightening or whatever that basketball game is called and my team won in a real (half court- no score keeping) game. Don't ask how I know we won. BUT GUESS WHAT?! I HIT 2 HALF COURT SHOTS IN A ROW. MY BACK WAS A LITTLE SORE THE NEXT DAY BUT IT SERIOUSLY HAPPENED IN REAL LIFE. Then we came home to a nice surprise and I won't be saying what that is but I do have quite a story to tell in 6 months. That night we taught our cute little family and it went really well. We read in Jacob which Jacob- the boy we are teaching- found quite amusing because they have the same name. Whatever connects you to the scriptures is good I guess. We had an appointment with another investigator, J, and no she didn't "cancel" we just "rescheduled", But that was a real bummer.
Tuesday: Craziest day ever. Literally. We had studies and time in the morning and then we went to interviews. Every other transfer we have interviews with our mission president FYI. So we show up at 11:45 and at noon the power goes out. It was pouring rain (not the normal, constant Washington sprinkle) and SUPER windy. All the power was out, traffic lights, church lights- including the emergency lights- all the stores, apartments, houses. It was scary. I thought it was the second coming... but it was just a false alarm. It got me to repent though so it was worth it. We ended up staying at the church from 12-6 and had our instruction and individual interviews in rooms lit by flash lights. Dad, those head lamps really did come in handy! People weren't making fun of me at this time. Be prepared, people, it's the scouts motto. On the bright side (no pun intended) we did get out of our instruction. Because the lack of time management of some elders (I personally think it was a strength this time) we weren't able to give our 15 minutes of instruction on "Using Preach My Gospel Effectively in Personal Study." Unfortunately we got a call tonight from our district leader asking us to give FIVE TO TEN (woo-woo) minutes of instruction in our meeting on Wednesday. This time it's about setting goals. We had an appointment set up with our investigator, Reymundo, and our zone leaders for a baptismal interview at 7. Well 7:30 came and went and they weren't there. I was freaking out of course because our day was weird in the first place and that's just my internal composition. If he didn't get interviewed that day he couldn't have gotten baptized on Saturday because they were going out of town until Friday. Anyway, all four of us (me- I said it, Sister Johnson, and the zone leaders) prayed. I prayed that if anything they would look at their phone to get our missed calls. Well guess what they answered our next call and they rushed down to the church, had the interview, PASSED, and it was so cute... our zone leader said that Reymundo in his closing prayer thanked Heavenly Father that he heard the phone ringing and that he answered it so he could get to his interview. He also prayed for the Seahawks but we won't mention that one. I know that God really does here and answer our prayers. He truly is a God of miracles.

Wednesday: On Wednesday we were able to do service for a family in our ward! They take care of us and we love them. We helped dig out all the Christmas decorations. I LOVE CHRISTMAS. But don't worry I am not celebrating until after Thanksgiving, I think. The rest of the day we just visited people. Active, less active, potentials, former investigators, random people, etc. We also had dinner with the relief society. They gave us SO many left overs. We are still trying to eat all of it.
Thursday: Thursday we were on exchanges. I actually got to go Spanish again for a day and it was really great. Nothing went as planned but if there is something I have learned on my mission it is this: If your schedule goes as planned, you are doing something wrong. It was great though because we were able to do service at a food bank and a local church. We moved a bunch of food. Anyway, we had dinner that night... it was all in Spanish... except the food... we had chicken nuggets. It has been awhile since I have had chicken nuggets. I missed them. My "companion" Hermana Fifita taught me how to bear my testimony in Spanish so I contributed a little bit at the end of our message.
Friday: Typical day. Weekly Planning and visiting people. We did talk to some great people though. I love Mukilteo... especially those on Casino Road.
Saturday: REY GOT BAPTIZED!!!!! It was so great and Reymundo was glowing. :) His whole family (who are investigators) came and supported him, as well as his not-interested soon-to-be step-dad and his son. It was a great turn out and it was spiritual and uplifting. I am so proud of him for making this decision but I know that Heavenly Father is even more proud because it is one step closer to Him. After the baptism we taught a recent convert/less active family. They are going through a really difficult time because their baby was born 6 months early and weighed 1.3 pounds. It has been 3 months now but the baby hasn't been home and they haven't been able to hold her. It is so sad but God has a plan for everyone and that's why it is critical that we are converted... so we don't have to question, we just put our faith in God. We also taught another less active couple... he actually used to be the ward mission leader last year. They are hilarious though. I never fail to cry from laughter while I am there.
Sunday: We had meetings. Ward council, church, missionary correlation, and studies. Usually all of that fills up our day. We did get to go to a "Come See for Yourself" fireside with Reymundo and his family. We can only go to these meetings if we have an investigator and a ride. It was great though. They are so spiritually uplifting. Recent converts speak and they show video clips, and there are musical numbers. We only had to sing once, thank heavens. Oh and yes, we are speaking in church next Sunday if that wasn't a surprise to anyone! My topic is "gaining a testimony." Oh my goodness how could I forget... Reymundo was confirmed! We love him.
Today: Not much to say about today other than the fact that somehow bleach got all over a load of laundry I did... it's great. Practicing positive thoughts: At least it wasn't my shoes. Oh and today we only have a 2 hour P-day. Thursday is our real Preparation Day... but no emailing. It's confusing.
Ponderizing: Hayden I loved this scripture this week and I loved studying and sharing it with Reymundo. Thank you so much for choosing that scripture. I love and miss you!

I spaced sharing a miracle a few weeks ago with all of you! While I was in Burlington with Sister Wawro we tracted into a lady named A. We talked on her front porch for a few minutes and then she invited us in. We were going through the pamphlet and got to the first page about God is our Heavenly Father and she just started to cry and cry and cry. She had never thought of God as a father figure and she never really knew her dad and her daughters don't really have a dad either. Well we started to teach her and then she introduced us to her youngest daughter, M. You have probably heard about M but I spent 7 1/2 months teaching M while I was there. I love her so much and I would say she is one of my greatest friends. She struggled with a lot of things but we knew we needed to keep teaching her. Remember, that while I was there I had 8 companions. She had a lot of missionaries in her home. While teaching M we met her older sister Z. Z had an anti-mormon boyfriend and he wasn't very nice. He even tried to give us $100 to say a bad word. lol. Anyway, Z was always standoffish but towards the end of my time there we started talking to her more, she started sitting in our lessons with M, and she even addressed her concerns. She wanted to feel worthy to pray, worthy for heaven, she wanted to understand more about Joseph Smith and she decided she wanted to learn more. Well she turned 18 and graduated from High School while I was serving there so we passed her off to the YSA elders. I found out 2 weeks ago that Z was baptized. This whole time we thought we were going there for M (which we were-and we still have hope for her) but truly Z was the one prepared to receive the restored gospel. And I don't know for sure but rumor has it that she is engaged to the ward mission leader in the YSA ward. AHHHHHHHHH. Hope it's a nice ring. ;)
Well, folks, that's a wrap. I love you all and I am so grateful for each of you. I truly know that God hears and answers our prayers. I know that there are prepared people out there that only YOU can help. I know that pleading with the Lord allows you to be more aware of those opportunities and he is going to help you when you are in the great situation to bear your testimony. I know that God is our LOVING Heavenly Father. I know that the gospel truly does bless families.

Sister Rodda

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