Rainy Days

November 16, 2015

Well I don't think it ever stopped raining this week. EVER. It just went on and on and on. Thank goodness for hats, gloves, scarves, coats, rain boots, wool socks, fleece tights, waterproof mascara, random people who give us their umbrellas, and a companion you can have hilarious conversations with. There are a few benefits to this like the lack of effort you have to put into your hairdo and the greater number of pockets to carry snacks in. There is only one potential downfall though: people who spray us by driving in puddles. However, they don't seem to understand that we can't get any more wet than we already are. When you walk for hours in the rain you come to a point where there is no more water you can store. I am not a camel, people! 

Reymundo is getting baptized on Saturday! He is 12 years old and is SO great! He is more golden than... gold. I think one of the greatest opportunities we have as missionaries is to see these commitment keeping investigators radiate with the Light of Christ. It is the greatest experience to see them light up when they get a new insight or understand something they didn't before. His mom is GREAT. She would get baptized tomorrow but she has to get married and the boyfriend is taking his sweet time to commit. You can't take a joy ride on the repentance pathway. 

David: We stopped by a members home this week to meet them personally and they just so happened to have their nonmember neighbor over for games. You can't tell me that wasn't inspired. His name is David and he is from England. Basically he is bound to become a member he just needs a faith in God first. We invited him to church for the primary program but his reply was (remember the accent), "I have to do a scientific study on the inside of my eyelids." DAVID, THIS IS AMERICA. WE CALL IT SLEEPING AND BEING LAZY SO GET TO CHURCH. He chose to do the experiment instead. This week we are going to stop by and help him have a desire to come.

I really do love being a missionary. I love this part of the vineyard Heavenly Father has trusted Sister Johnson and I with. There are so many great people.  Just a little example: There are a few nonmembers that pay tithing every time they receive income LIKE WHAT?! I truly am grateful that I have been assigned here. I am not going to go through my whole week because it consisted of visiting members and tracting and street contacting and rain.

I love you all,

Sister Rodda

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