Labor with LOVE!

You Only Mission Once
January 4, 2016

SOOO... like yeah... it's 2016. What? I am always so grateful for a new year and all that is in store. This year will be quite an adventure... months in the mission field, a few months with the family, then starting AND finishing my first semester at school. That's just freaky so let's not talk about it.
This week was great! Unfortunately Sister Johnson was sick for a lot of it and with the Holidays we stayed inside a lot. I'm kind of tired of the blank walls and the same scene from the back window but it's okay! Sister Johnson is feeling a lot better, I'm not sick (yet) and we have great things ahead of us this week! Even though we spent a lot of time inside we still were able to find a new investigator! Her name is Kathy and her daughter is a convert. She has taken the lessons in the past to understand what her daughter was getting into and now we are teaching her again. However, we have prayed and we feel the best way to teach her is through "bible studies" rather than the pamphlets! So that's exciting! :)
The rest of our investigators: Maria, Adolfo, Jodi, Adam, Jeremiah, Jorjanna, Abraham, and Isaac are all doing really well! We are so blessed to be a part of their lives and to spend time in their homes. We love being able to teach, testify, and invite. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the greatest blessing. This week I have been able to have a lot of additional study time and I LOVED IT. I love the scriptures- Specifically the Book of Mormon. I have been studying and pondering the talks of Howard W. Hunter! I love the principles he has taught me through the New Testament and the Book of Mormon.
This morning Sister Johnson and I did a study on labor vs. service. There was a talk by President Monson that mentioned how Christ labored, Christ loved, and Christ served. The biggest difference is the middle part. LOVE. Labor turns to service when we love. :)
I love you all. :)
Sister Rodda

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