February 15, 2016
A few special moments of the week:
We are at our apartment having lunch when we get a knock at the door. We open it and a guy is standing there with a box in his hands. In a high pitch voice he says, "edible arrangement." We were like uhhhh.... no???? Then he looked at my name tag and goes, "Yep, yep, this is for you." Shoves the basket in my hand, makes me sign a paper, hop in a creeper van and leaves. I am still standing at the door with Sister Washburn... like what? Anyway, thanks mom, dad, and dude! Best Valentine’s Day gift ever. People, you don't need chocolate or a significant other. Just order an "edible arrangement" and have it delivered by the Pillsbury Dough Boy twin.
Yesterday we go to a former investigators house for an appointment. They wanted to give us a Valentine’s Day treat so they made us a HUGE cake. We asked if we could take the part we couldn't eat to go because we had dinner in 10 minutes. So we go to dinner... we have lasagna and salad and bread and corn and strawberry shortcake and chocolate. Then, we leave to go to our next dinner... special mexican food, beans, rice, seaweed, chips, carrot cake... yeah actually this wasn't all that funny, I am still full. Now I feel like the Pillsbury Dough Boy who should deliver edible arrangements.
This week we were walking in a nicer neighborhood to contact a referral. As we were walking a guy comes out of his house and we all give an awkward hello. Then he precedes to trip over his feet a little. I look away because it was a little embarrassing and I didn't want him to know I saw. Then we continued walking and hear a slap and few grudges only to turn back around and he is on the ground. He hop up and Sister Washburn yells, "hey, are you okay?" He turns around (I think a little out of it) with a really red face and gives us a thumbs up. I don't think his concussion was too bad because he jumped in the car and drove off.
We were at a member’s house for dinner this week and they have an evil cat- the Rodda family kind of knows about mean kitties. ;) Well, Sister Washburn wants to pet the cat and I say, "be careful, he's a feisty one!" But the cat leans his head forward like, "please scratch my head." So Sister Washburn puts out her pointer finger out and is getting closer to his head to scratch when all the sudden he claws the bageebers out of her hand. I am dying of laughter, she is dying of pain, and the members ask what is going on. She just holds us her hand up as blood is trickling down it. Luckily I had a few bandaids in my handy dandy bag. All is well in Zion.

This week I read a quote that said, "Prayer is less about changing our circumstances and more about changing us. It is about seeking His will and asking for His help to do what we need to do." I have a testimony in the power of prayer, especially when we ask questions that apply to God's plan. We would never go up to our college math professor and say, "Hey, what's the answer to number four?" I am pretty sure he isn't going to tell you. But if you said, "Hey, professor, I don't understand problem four, can you help me with the next step? Or teach me how I can solve the problem?" That is your teacher’s job and he is going to help you find the answer. Heavenly Father is the professor of our life. He has a plan and He has tools and resources to help us find answers. So often we ask Him to take away our trials or our pains and afflictions. But we are just going to find that we aren't receiving answers and it is because we are not praying for the right thing. Instead, we need to ask for comfort, peace, and direction. This is God's plan, not ours. He has all the answers, we don't. If we knew all the answers then life would be easy and we would not improve, grow, or be able to help others.
Adolfo, Jodi, Domlina, and Maria are all doing well on their progression towards baptism. Their dates are still set and they are truly changing (repenting) to bring their lives in closer harmony with Christ's teachings- the Gospel. All of our other investigators are doing well. They are gaining a testimony of the truth and divinity of the Book of Mormon and receiving answers to prayers.
I love you all. :)
Sister Rodda

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