February 22, 2016

Dearest family and friendssssss.
One day this week we came home for lunch and it was really hot so we opened our back door (we also have a screen door and we left that shut). Well I was in the kitchen making myself a gourmet sandwich while Sister Washburn was washing her hands in the bathroom. All the sudden I hear some rustling in the living room so I peak out of the kitchen thinking "What the heck is Sister Washburn doing?” And “why did she leave the bathroom water running?" Well I look around the corner and I see a stinkin squirrel.  A SQUIRREL IN OUR APARTMENT GOING THROUGH A TRASH CAN. I just start screaming and freaking out so Sister Washburn comes out of the bathroom scared to death. The squirrel also gets scared and runs out the SCREEN DOOR. Moral of the story we have requested a new screen door that doesn't have a perfect "squirrel sized" hole in the bottom.

Adolfo is going to be baptized this upcoming Saturday!! Everything is planned and ready to go. Bart (his mom's really standoffish live in boyfriend) joined us for a prayer this week in a lesson. He always leaves the room or the house whenever we are there. But this week we had a lesson and he was cooking in the kitchen. It was the end of the lesson and I just invited him to prayer with us. He surprisingly did. Huge step there. He even knelt and said "Amen".

We also have this potential that works at a really really cute art gallery/souvenir shop. It all beachy and cuteeeeeee. Anyways we first met her because Sis. Washburn had to go to the bathroom so I was able to talk to her for a while. But we needed to go back so we did this last week and we didn't want to be awkward so we obviously had to buy something. I got a cool starfish ring.  She is really nice and her name is Liz.  She met missionaries in Hawaii when she lived there. She gave us lots of flowers too. :)

sorry this was a short one. 
love, sister rodda

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