Sis. Washburn

February 1, 2016

This has been an amazing week! I am a little bummed that it is already February but it's okay. Monday was my last day with Sister Johnson and we celebrated  by going to the mall. I bought a few things and I even got orange juice. They have these new machines that make freshly squeezed orange juice right in front of your face at the mall. It was 3 bucks... but totally worth it. I was sad to say goodbye to Sister Johnson. It is crazy how much you truly grow to love your companions and you do become the best of friends.
On Tuesday we spent most of the day at the mission office for transfers and I was assigned my companion- AKA MY BEST FRIEND. Her name is Sister Melanie Washburn from Orem, UT. She is the youngest of 6 kids and  is superrr cute. She has bunnies and loves horses... don't worry I'm not just using her for the horses or her clothes. She is an amazing teacher and is ready to work, work, work. She is weird like me so we get along great. :)
On Wednesday we had district meeting! We have a whole new district because they split some areas in half. It was nice getting to know some new missionaries. We had dinner that night with the Peterson's... Sister Washburn's first dinner appointment... AND IT WAS CRAZY. Sister Peterson was laughing and took a bite of meat all the sudden she  got up from her chair and started dancing and jumping around. Then finally made the choking sign so we knew what was going on. LUCKILY (a huge miracle) she had family there and they did the heimlich. I am so  grateful it all turned out okay. Scared me half to the death... I had no clue what to do... I was in shock and literally sat there the whole time. I am awful.
Over the next several days we street contacted as normal and taught investigators and less actives. We also had lots of service opportunities this week which was pretty unusual.
Sister Washburn had the opportunity to invite someone to be baptized this week! Maria is now on date for baptism so that is three of our brothers and sisters who are taking the invitation to come unto Christ and follow his example! The spirit was so strong in that lesson and Sister Washburn is great at testifying and sharing what she knows.
I think that's about all. :) Be ready for an explosion of pictures! We took quite a few. :) I love you all. Thank you for all your love and support!

Sister Rodda

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