I am so sorry to hear the loss of our sweet Gina McConkie. I miss her dearly and I know so many others do as well. I am so grateful for the Plan of Salvation. And especially the knowledge I have of this divine plan. I have such a strong testimony in the plan and I KNOW that it is a perfect plan for each of us. I am so grateful for our Savior, Jesus Christ, and his willingness to overcome death. This is not the end and each of us WILL live again. :)

Soooooo crazyyy adventure of the week: On Friday of this last week Sister Washburn dropped something under her dresser that holds all of her study materials. She saw something black so we pulled the dresser back only to find a ton of dead beetle looking things on the ground. We were like, "what theeee heck!" Then we noticed some spider webs and we figured that it couldn't be too good. Sister Washburn is really scared of spiders so I tipped over the dresser while she stood on the other side of the room. I looked under the tipped over dresser only to find a GINORMOUS black widow (pictures to come). Not only was there a giant black widow there were 5 or 6 nests full of eggs. I never asked for black widow eggs for an Easter present but sometimes we get more than we wish for. At this point I am telling Sis. W what I see and she is now standing on a chair. I stood there for a minute or two just to process this whole scenario. We then decided we needed to destroy this thing. Meanwhile we realize the time and remember we have an appointment in 10 minutes. We set up my camera (which can record for 30 minutes) so if she (the spider- we are calling it a girl) were to move we would know where she went. *25 minutes go by and we are home again* THE SPIDER DIDN'T MOVE! HALLELUJAH. So now we have to go into action mode. While Sister Washburn so kindly observes from the top of the study table I realize I may need to take the manly side of the companionship and put my great spider-killing skills to work. I will proceed to tell you of our spider killing action plan.

1. Suit up. First it is critical to put on long pants and a long sleeve shirt. We put on our giant rain boots. The spider would have to crawl up a long way to get anywhere near our legs. Then you need to put on work gloves. As heavy duty as you can find (don't use the left over ones from the past elders- you never what are in them). Luckily and definitely prompted by the spirit, Sister Washburn brought two pairs from home. Then you need to wear a headband, this way no spiders can get in your ears. Oh and the most important part is a front headlamp- that way you can still use both hands and there is no chance of dropping it. Also, my dad was very prompted to send it to me a year ago.

2. Equipment. You need to warm up your stomping leg so it can move quickly and so you don't strain a muscle. You also need a vacuum and rubbing alcohol.

3. Take action. First give Sister Washburn the rubbing alcohol so she feels like she is doing something from the top of the counter. Second put the vacuum outside and leave the hose inside. Third suck the spider up with the hose, run outside, open the filter, slam it upside down on the concrete. Then have Sister Washburn put a ring of rubbing alcohol around the upside down filter (again so she feels helpful- haha I love her). After that open the door so Sister Washburn can go back inside and get on top of the table. Then you lift the container that has the filter on it, quickly spot the black widow (or any creepy crawler for the matter) and STOMP. Just keep stomping even if it so squished you can't see it anymore, keep going. Last but not least proceed to the nests, then the other nests, then the other spider, then other nests, and continue to repeat as necessary!

4. Never forget. Keep your guard up at all times and you will never be in danger.

This week we had lots of opportunities to serve. I love doing service. You always leave feeling better and happier.

Before I left for Washington I thought I knew what love was. The way I cared about my family or soccer or anything else. But I can honestly say that only now in my life do I know what love actually is. Serving the Lord and serving my brothers and sisters has literally opened my eyes and especially my heart to charity- which is the pure and lasting love of Christ. The bible dictionary says charity is the highest, noblest, and strongest kind of love. I have experienced that love over and over and over again as I have been out on my mission. Missionaries are set apart to teach but also set apart to love. As we experience and exercise that love we can recognize it in all phases of life. In Corinthians and in Moroni we read about faith, hope, and charity. However, one day faith will become knowledge, hope will be fulfilled, but charity "never faileth." There has been and always will be charity- the pure love of Christ.
I love you all. All of the support, encouragement, and prayers has not gone unnoticed and I feel those blessings every single day.

Sincerely, Sister Rodda

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