Patience Please

March 16, 2015

Howdy Folks,

This week has been quite swell. Here are some things I learned this week:
1. There is a beach in our area! LIKE WHAT?! We did some seashell hunting, some gull watching, some wave catching (in our cameras of course)
2. I am never having a wedding reception. We spent 8 hours doing service there. Yes, it was productive with tons of nonmembers. No, I will never curse anyone with that job of working with me as Bridezilla.
3. I am not as patient, loving, kind, patient, and patient as I used to think I was.
4. Using the excuse of "I saw you two somewhere the other day with my girlfriend and pointed you out to her and she was pretty upset with me that I didn't tell her that you were young, attractive girls. She was under the impression you were older ladies like the Jehovah Witness ladies that would come around"  is not an effective drop reason.
helping at a wedding

Besides getting dropped by one of our investigators this week was pretty good.  We had lots of lessons and we were able to do a lot of productive things. I am really grateful to be a member of the church and the knowledge I have of being together with my family forever. It is sad to me that people think that once you die it's over. But in reality the party is just starting.

Something that seemed to be on my mind a lot this week is that we (as members) are constantly "on call".  We always need to be ready to help someone in need, share our testimonies, and/or react to a certain situation. If we are not prepared Heavenly Father will not bless us with opportunities to share the things we know or the talents we have. We need to constantly look for opportunities to serve, share the gospel, and be an example. People watch you far more than you think. Girls in long skirts riding bikes and dudes in white shirts and ties seem to stand out a lot but so do members of the church because they carry the light of Christ.  We just have to look for ways to share our light with others. 

About the I learned I am not very patient thing... we will just leave it at... I am not very patient... in general... I need to work on it... prayers would be quite appreciated.  My prayers for patience are not gonna do the job alone.  I need lots of help.  Persistent patience.  That's all.  Just persistent patience.

welp, thanks for listening. tune in next Monday at 10:45 (WA missionary time) for the next update.


i love you all.

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