March 23, 2015
This week has been AWESOMEEEE. Yesterday was probably the best day of my whole life existence. lol. But I will start with Monday. 

Last Monday we emailed and then had to get our oil changed. We are pretty pampered here on the mission. We just drive our car somewhere and the guy who works at the auto shop talks to our vehicle coordinator and then they pay for it. It rocks. But while they were changing our oil we went with some other sisters to the Tulip Festival, which is so incredibly cool. It is just fields and fields of tulips and they have a "garden" which has all these different types of flowers. I got a pin!!

On Tuesday we went on exchanges with Sister Wilkins. I'm not gonna lie - I hate exchanges so much because 1. I feel like they are judging me the whole time and 2. You have to sleep in the same room (but different bed- missionary handbook) with a stranger. But anyway, we got to teach about family history and it went really well. I learned so much. In the meantime, Sister Covington and the other STL, Sister Kennedy, found a new investigator in our area. Her name is Erica. I haven't met her yet. I will meet her tomorrow but if we get her whole family there is 6 that could be baptized. I learned something really cool this day. I now believe in agency, unconditional love, and eternity. You have to allow people to make their own choices, love them no matter what, and you have to believe that anything can happen in the eternities. 

On Wednesday, we had district meeting. I love my district. Sister Covington and I had to give some instruction that went really well. After that we went and did service at the Bishop's Storehouse. I don't mind doing service but I cannot handle all the hoarders here in Washington. I don't mind the stuff- because I have a lot of stuff- but I can't handle the smells. Then we went to mutual that night and played games with one of our formers. It was really fun and I am a lot more competitive than I thought I was. I like to win. No questions asked.

Thursday we had to travel to Seattle. No, Seattle is not in our district, nor is Seattle in our zone. And no Seattle is not even in our mission. But I had to drive in the craziness of Seattle traffic to take Sister Covington to a doctor. She has been really tired lately and she thinks her mono (which sent her home for a transfer) is back. We get the results tomorrow I think. Don't worry I am doing everything in my waking existence to not get it. Let's just be grateful we made it through Seattle traffic in one piece. Car and person. We also had a really cool lesson with a less active family about the plan of salvation that night.
On Friday we went and taught a lesson to our recent convert Harvey Vogan. Man, if only y'all could meet him. He is a crack up and there are no words to describe him. lol. Then we went to the Relief Society activity.  Since Sister Covington took multiple naps this week I thought I would use my nonexistent creative skills to make a "hat" for the Relief Society garden/tea party. I will send pictures but I made two flower crowns (?) I don't know what to call them but they turned out really cute. We got a really pretty flower arrangement from a wedding last week and I destroyed it to make these things. Yes, I did it all alone and yes, they are real flowers. Feel free to be impressed. 

On Saturday we visited a lot of potentials and less actives that were either not home or VERY uninterested. It was a little discouraging but at least we had something good to look forward to… that night there was a special fireside with Elder Oaks for missionaries and investigators. You could only go if you brought an investigator so Mya said she would go. We were so excited. We got a member who could drive us. They traveled like 15 minutes and the daughter even missed her basketball game to go and as soon as we got to the door Mya canceled. It was really disheartening and it made us sad. But hey, it is A-okay. I believe in agency, unconditional love, and eternity now, lol. 

Sunday was the best day of my whole existence. First we went to a special stake conference where Elder Dallin H Oaks, and Elder Christensen came and talked. Also President Bonham spoke. It was an awesome meeting. I even got to speak and have a conversation with Elder Oaks. He was happy to see sisters. After that we went to a potential’s home that we found earlier in the week. and GUESS WHAT?!  We got a new investigator! She is so solid and I am so happy that she is willing to learn about the gospel. Right after that we went to a lesson with Caylen (a former investigator who dropped me and Sister Wawro).  We had an awesome lesson and GUESS WHAT?! She is getting baptized April 8th!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so excited. 

So just in case you lost track that was 3 new investigators this week! We fasted yesterday to find people to teach and look what happened.  Prayer and fasting works and they go hand in hand. Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers. I know he does! We are currently teaching 8 investigators and we are hoping to find more! I love being a missionary and sharing the gospel and my testimony with everyone that I come in contact with! 

I love you all and I hope you all have a wonderful week. xoxoxo

PS: This week we found another pal. He was a snail. His name was George Washington. He was a cutie pie. 

Love, Sister Rodda

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