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August 24, 2015
Family of planet UT and other places other than WA.
This week has been... odd. On Monday we just chilled with some people in the ward, did our laundry, kind of just a get ready for the rest of the week day, in other words "preparation day". Then we had dinner with our ward mission leader and his family! That is always a bundle of joy!
On Tuesday: we did service at Ryan's house. This is where homeless teens can come to get something to eat, watch TV, take a nap, and get clothes or other supplies. It is really cool. And it is surprising how many teens are homeless on the island. You would be surprised.  But we got to go there and do some inventory stuff and help out. I love serving! Then we spent the rest of the day tracting and contacting people, visiting less actives, and talking to people.
On Wednesday we had district meeting. Wednesdays are like our busiest days. We have district meeting at 10:30 so we have to catch the 9 am ferry and then we get to do our shopping on Wednesday because everything is cheaper on the mainland. So we went and got some groceries and traveled back. Then we had all of our studies.  We had a lesson with Z, our recent convert, and JC (he the less active that hadn't come in 20+ years but has come for all 3 hours the last 5 weeks.) We had dinner with some members- ironically their son and daughter-in-law just bought a house in Kaysville and they work at Mountain High by Davis. Hoch is the last name.
On Thursday we met with a 13 year old less active who is also a convert. She hasn't been to church in 5 months or so but said she would come this week. We arranged a ride and everything but she wasn't able to make it because it was her brothers birthday. Next week though! And she plays soccer so we are going to play soccer on a p day pretty soon! We also met with another recent convert, K. She is awesome and she is doing great! The rest of the included lot of tracting and contacting.
Friday... that was a crazy day. We woke up at 6 and had to catch the 7 ferry for a "new missionary training in Mill Creek."  That was an all day thing.  We received instruction from President and Sister Bonham, the assistants, and do role plays and things like that. It ended at 4 and with the ferry... being rush hour and a Friday we were praying to be home by 9 to plan.  But we got in at 8:00 :) What a day of miracles. Hehe.  Then we only did one hour of studies and headed to bed.
Saturday.... we did weekly planning.  It's like 5 hours of straight planning. Oh yeah. Want to be a missionary now? JK. Serve a mission. It's great!  Then we contacted some people and had ANOTHER lesson with a recent convert. Her name is Kr and she is the most awesome person ever. She fed us dinner and she is a professional chef so it rocked. I even ate meat off the bone - that's how good it was!
Sunday: this week we felt like we didn't accomplish much. Satan was working hard in our minds. Our numbers weren't the best but you don't have numbers for the hours you spend tracting, only the lessons you teach.  But on Sunday we saw the miracles. Let's back track... my first or second week on the island we visited a less active named A. She said she might come to church so we needed to text her on Saturday. Well we did and she didn't reply and she didn't come but we kept texting her every week.  Well she showed up on Sunday!  First time in 30+ years.  JC also came and brought his two cute grandsons, probably 8 and 10.  All of our recent converts were there.  A girl in our ward gave a talk in sacrament that we helped her write.  It was very powerful. We taught the lesson in gospel principles and it went well! It was an overall great day.  And we talked to 2 really nice ladies who took up our offer to come and do service!
I love being a missionary and really seeing how the Lord provides. "doubt your doubts, before you doubt your faith."  I love the gospel and I love being able to share it with everyone that I come in contact with. The church is true and I know that it has been restored by a latter day prophet.  Thanks for all the love and support.  You have no clue the blessings that come to the missionaries that you pray for in the field.  Have a great week.  Don't forget to Pray, Read, Obey, and Smile. xoxo. Good luck with the first week of school to all. :)

Love, Sister Rodda.

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