Goodbye Sis P!

August 10, 2015

Well I am having another baby. Please pray for me. haha. Training freaks me out but it will all be okay! There are 18 elders coming in and 5 sisters! The mission is growing! 

This week has been kind of crazy. We had a lot of meetings this week on the mainland so that pretty much takes up the whole day with the ferry traffic. Monday was P day and we got to visit people that night. Tuesday was our only real full day so we used the most of it! Wednesday we had district meetings and had a few lessons with recent converts. Not to mention all of the song practice we had to do because of our sacrament program! Thursday we had Mission Leader Council. This is for zone leaders, assistants, and sister training leaders. We get to figure out ways to help the mission. Friday I GOT to go to a new trainers training. Saturday was a lot of packing for Sister Perkinson. It stinks to see her go but I am so happy for her and that she is able to go home to her family! Sunday we sang in church. NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN. It was good. but one time is enough. Then we traveled down to the mission office to drop off sister P. I am in Bellingham until tomorrow when I get the new sis off the plane! I am excited for the upcoming transfer! Thanks for all the love, support, and prayers! You have no clue how much your prayers help. Keep choosing the right and #holdtotherodda


sister rodda.

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