Enduring WELL

May 16, 2016
Dearest peeps,

Monday was a typical Preparation Day. My companion wanted to sleep so I just had a lazy day and laid on the floor. It was quite eventful. lol but that night we went on exchanges with some sisters that we serve. They are assigned to a Young Single Adult ward and it was Family Home Evening that night. We played chair soccer and I totally got everyone out and won. VICTORY FOLKS. VICTORY.

Tuesday we were still on exchanges. We went to the Everett Community College and went contacting. It was really fun. I like Young Single Adult age people... they aren't as mean. Hahaha we also had to fill out an exchange form so we went to Coldstone. It was like a birthday party in my stomach. We had a couple appointments set up that day and we totally taught directly to the people needs rather than the straight lessons. It was really successful. One of my favorite things being a little over half way on the mission is the scriptural knowledge you have. I can be put in any situation and have a scripture to apply. That night we had Cafe Rio for dinner. WHAT, WHAT!? Sweet pork salad, black beans, mmm mmm mmmm. We also went to institute that night. I surprisingly enjoyed it. I can't wait to be involved with institute in the far future.

On Wednesday, Sister B was sick so we were on level C again. We had zone meeting and for the most part it was good. We had to give instruction on diligence. I don't mind giving instruction... I actually enjoy it. I love being handed situations where I can bear my testimony... I guess that's why tomorrow (Tuesday) we were asked to instruct again. Hahahahhaha. We taught Maria, Adolfo, Reymundo, and Jakob that night.. still progressing... we just need Maria to get married or move out... the progress is a little hindered.

Thursday: THE WEATHER WAS BEAUTIFUL. I FOUND SO MUCH STRENGTH IN THE SUNLIGHT. I EVEN GOT SUN BURNT... YES I DIDN'T THINK THAT COULD HAPPEN IN THE STATE OF WA EITHER. As of TODAY Jodi is 16 days SMOKE FREEEE. I am so proud of her for accomplishing this. She has worked really hard for years and years and years to quit. And she finally beat it! She is getting baptized June 4th!!!!!

Friday night we had dinner with a cute family in our ward. Brother Pexton is in the bishopric and so kindly announced that they were talking in the bishopric meeting about how they wanted me to give a "farewell" talk. After 7.5 months in an area I guess you become ward family. So yeah, I am now on the schedule for this upcoming week. Another opportunity to testify!

We were on exchanges again on Saturday. This time I was with Sister Krummenacher. We attended a day of service (to see lots of pictures of folks in orange look up the hashtag #dayofhope  - you will probably see some missionaries from the Washington Everett Mission!) A local Christian church called the Gold Creek Church put this on and we joined in to help the community. We love service. And we love wearing pants! We got the job of being sign wavers... it's harder than it looks. We cleaned a homeless shelter. And we ate food. A member took us out to Applebees! It was yummy yummy in my tummy!

Sunday: Meeting, meetings, more meetings! But they were all great. Sundays are definitely my favorite day of the week.
I will be sending packages soon, family! So keep your eye out for some heavy boxes of books. :)

Something I learned this week is the importance of enduring WELL. I was playing soccer in the YSA ward and the game just kept going and going and going. Just so you know I was in a skirt still, with boots, and my hair down... I thought man, I can just stand here and eventually the game will be over. But I wasn't happy that way and I was waiting out the time. However, I realized at that moment that Heavenly Father was teaching me something very important. We are given so many situations in life in which we can choose to just stand there and wait for things to pass. This makes us an object... something to be acted upon. Or we can become an agent (someone who acts) and we can finish out the game and actually try. As we do our part- even if we win or lose- we are happier. We are enduring WELL at that point. I really don't even know if this analogy makes sense the way I wrote it but it made sense to me. hahaha

Have a good week, my fellow friends!



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